Public data

from Kostas lab

Orellana, Rodriguez-R & Konstantinidis (under review), describing ROCker, includes references to the following material:

Name Description Files
Experiment 01 Benchmark ROCker NosZ vs. NirK using BLASTx, DIAMOND and HMMer. 01.Benchmark_NosZNirK.tar.gz (1.4Gb)
Experiment 02 Benchmark ROCker tenfold cross-validation. 02.Benchmark_TenfoldCV.tar.gz (379Gb)
Experiment 03 Benchmark AmoA archea and bacteria. 03.Benchmark_AmoA.tar.gz (18Gb)
Experiment 04 Results from Illumina metagenomes. 04.Results_Metagenomes.tar.gz (41Gb)
Experiment 05 Results ROCker vs. Xander in simulated datasets. 05.Results_ROCkerAndXander.tar.gz (17Gb)