Public data

from Kostas lab

Ruiz-Perez et al. (under review), analyzes the prevalence of photosynthesis-related Auxiliary Metabolic Gene (AMG) along the Chattahoochee River Basin.
Below you will find:
- References used for Blast searches.
- Viral Genomes encoding photosynthesis-related AMGs.
- Alignments used to build phylogenies.)

Name Description Files
Search Databases FastA files including AMG sequences recovered in this study and from reference genomes 01.Search_Databases.tar.gz (260Kb)
AMG-encoding Viral Contigs FastA file with all viral genomes encoding at least one photosynthesis AMG 02.Cyanophages_w_AMGs.tar.gz (2.1Mb)
AMG Alignments AMG Alignments used for phylogenetic reconstructions 03.AMG_Alignments.tar.gz (225Kb)