Public data

from Kostas lab

This website contains links to publicly available data released by Kostas lab.
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Chattahoochee River metagenomes (under review)
Chattahoochee River for ARGs
Atlanta and Maputo child gut microbiomes (under review)
Comparison of child gut microbiome profiles between Atlanta, USA and Maputo, Mozambique reveals an influence of inadequate sanitation on early childhood development
MAGs from EcoZUR (under review)
Gut microbiome changes during acute diarrheal disease in urban versus rural settings in northern Ecuador
Stable microbial communities of Thermopyles springs (under review)
Time series metagenomic sampling of the Thermopyles, Greece, geothermal springs reveals stable microbial communities dominated by novel sulfur-oxidizing chemoautotrophs
Floods in urban Atlanta (under review)
Metagenomics indicate that public health risk may be higher from floods following dry relative to rainy periods
Salterns (under review)
Toward quantifying the adaptive role of bacterial pangenomes during environmental perturbations
MAGs Vieques (under review)
Microbial description of a military impacted lagoon in Vieques, Puerto Rico
Cassava (under review)
Metagenomic analysis of the microbial communities in a cassava flour processing plant.


PR Soils (2021)
Taxonomic and functional characterization of tropical rainforest soil microbial communities along an elevation gradient and implications for nitrogen cycling
NTO (2021)
Bacteria make a living breathing the nitroheterocyclic insensitive munitions compound 3-Nitro-1,2,4-triazol-5-one (NTO)
MicrobeAnnotator (2021)
MicrobeAnnotator: A comprehensive annotation and metabolic potential prediction tool


Vaginal microbiota (2020)
Comparison of vaginal microbiota in gynecologic cancer patients pre- and post-radiation therapy and healthy women


Soil multi-omics (2019)
Comparing DNA, RNA and protein levels for measuring microbial dynamics in soil microcosms amended with nitrogen fertilizer
Anaerobic degradation of phenanthrene (2019)
Anaerobic degradation of phenanthrene coupled to sulfate reduction by enriched consortia from northern Gulf of Mexico seafoor sediment
Viral AMG databases (2019)
Prevalence of viral photosynthesis genes along a freshwater-saltwater transect in Southeast USA
EcoZUR (2019)
Metagenomic Signatures of Gut Infections Caused by Different Escherichia coli Pathotypes
Description of Macondimonas diazotrophica (2019)
A Novel Hydrocarbonoclastic Gammaproteobacterium as a Potential Biomarker for Ecosystem Recovery from Oil Spills


BAC disinfectants (2018)
Widely used Benzalkonium Chloride disinfectants can promote antibiotic resistance
Ganges MAGs (2018)
Intensive allochthonous inputs along the Ganges River and their effect on microbial community composition and dynamics
FastANI (2018)
Fast Average Nucleotide Identity - FastANI
Kalamas MAGs (2018)
Quantifying the changes in genetic diversity within sequence-discrete bacterial populations across a spatial and temporal riverine gradient
16S/ANI (2018)
How much do rRNA gene surveys underestimate extant bacterial diversity?


Fertilizers (2017)
Year-round metagenomes reveal stable microbial communities in agricultural soils and novel ammonia oxidizers responding to fertilization.


Showerheads (2016)
Characterization of biofilms developing on hospital shower hoses and implications for nosocomial infections.
ROCker (2016)
ROCker: a pipeline for accurate detection and quantification of target genes in short-read metagenomic datasets.
Kalamas (2016)
Anthropogenic effects on bacterial diversity and function in Kalamas (Northwest Greece).


Oil spill (2015)
Microbial community successional patterns in beach sands impacted by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.


Nonpareil (2014)
Nonpareil: a redundancy-based approach to assess the level of coverage in metagenomic datasets.
MTR (2014)
Evaluation of metatranscriptomic protocols and application to the study of freshwater microbial communities.
MyTaxa (2014)
MyTaxa: an advanced taxonomic classifier for genomic and metagenomic sequences.


E. coli (2011)
Genome sequencing of environmental Escherichia coli expands understanding of the ecology and speciation of the model bacterial species.