Interactive Recruitment Plot Generation and Viewing

RecruitPlotEasy is a tool for the visualization and exploration of mapped short read metagenomes. Using RecruitPlotEasy, you can create recruitment plots of your mapped reads that show population diversity, breadth and depth of coverage, identify and quantify gene content differences compared to your reference genomes, and more. Recruitment plots are fully interactive, including annotations of your data (including protein annotations if desired), filtering of your population by percent identity, zooming in without a loss of image quality, and saving publication-quality, editable SVG images of your data. They are also completely standalone - after you've downloaded a recruitment plot, it can be opened by anyone using only a web browser with no other tools required.

All you need to use RecruitPlotEasy through this webpage is a set of mapped short reads in tabular BLAST tabular BLAST(--outfmt 6) or SAM/BAM format . Try it here!

RecruitPlotEasy is also available for installation through its PyPi page at here.

Reference for RecruitPlotEasy
Gerhardt K, Ruiz-Perez CA, Rodriguez-R LM, Conrad RE, and Konstantinidis KT. RecruitPlotEasy: An Advanced Read Recruitment Plot Tool for Assessing Metagenomic Population Abundance and Genetic Diversity. Front Bioinform. 2021; 1: 826701.