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Genome-based distance matrix calculator

§ Genome Matrix

ANI/AAI-Matrix estimates all-vs-all distances in a collection of genomes and builds a similarity clustering. ANI/AAI-Matrix currently supports two distances: ANI (Average Nucleotide Identity) and AAI (Average Amino Acid Identity).

See an ANI example, and a related AAI example.

§ Input data

Your name, a valid e-mail address, and a name to identify the job.

Collection of genomes, in a packaged file. Supported files are: .zip, .tar, .tar.gz, and .tar.bz2. Packages must include only FastA files (up to 50 genomes). (see more).

All of the input files MUST be of the same type. This is, either all must be genomes (nucleotides) or all must be proteomes (amino acids). Select here the appropriate type.