<h1 class=“h2 border-bottom pt-3 pb-2 mb-3”>About MiGA</h1> <p> MiGA is developed and maintained by <a href='MiGA codebase is <a href='Artistic”>code.microbial-genomes.org/miga/blob/master/LICENSE’>Artistic License 2.0</a>. </p>

<p> MiGA is the result of a collaboration between the <a href='Georgia”>www.gatech.edu/’>Georgia Institute of Technology</a>) and the <a href='Center”>cme.msu.edu/’>Center for Microbial Ecology</a>, <a href='MiGA project is funded by the <a href='#1356288nsf.gov/awardsearch/showAward?AWD_ID=1356288’>#1356288> &amp; <a href='xras.xsede.org/public/requests/31162-XSEDE-MCB190042-1190572’>#MCB190042>). </p>

<h1 class=“h2 border-bottom pt-3 pb-2 mb-3”>Citation</h1> If you use MiGA in your work, consider citing: <blockquote class='border-left p-3'> {{citation}} </blockquote>